This is Tom Blyth from ExExaminers.com Driving School welcoming you to our new look, new name, and new location driving school. The main reason for this letter of information is to introduce you to our new "Blue Chip Driving School". We have gone through many changes over the past year and we are excited about them.

Our office and classroom location has changed.

We are now located at 648 Finch Ave East, Unit 6, in Toronto. Located in the mall, parking is no longer an inconvenience as there is plenty of parking available. There are two restaurants and a Subways Sandwich Shop to choose from for stress free and convenient food services. It is still easy access via TTC or a short drive to Finch Ave East, a block and a half east of Bayview Ave.

The change in company name was a result of a division in partnership. All BDE certificates issued under ExExaminers.com Inc. and ExExaminers Ltd, are still completely valid and will entitle you to insurance discounts. We are still leaders in service, knowledge, success driven results, and our experience has only improved. Same skilled team, high standards, and same great experience.

We are trusting on past students like you to help spread the news of our new name, location and website BlueChipDriving.com. For your convenience our phone number has not changed. If you have any questions please feel free to call me on my cell phone at 416-880-9280.

Thanks for your past and continued support.

Have a look at our new website BlueChipDriving.com and tell me what you think!

Tom Blyth
President, Blue Chip Driving School